Plastic Pollution

Turtle plastic pollution

Wow. Where do I start?

Our planet is drowning in plastic pollution. In our oceans and waterways and on the ground.
It’s killing marine, bird and animal life by the billions every year. They ingest it and get caught up in it.
Our love affair with single use plastic has to end. Simple as that.

I see rubbish, plastic bags & water bottles wherever I go.
When walking my foster senior dog in the park I take a reusable bag with me to pick up rubbish as we walk.
On the side of the road, there’s plastic and litter everywhere.
On the beaches, Sea Shepherd have regular rubbish clean up days. The tally of their rubbish collection is sickening!!!

Have you seen pics of marine/birdlife strangled by fishing line and beer can rings? It’s not pretty and leads to a long, drawn out, painful death for the innocent victim.

Plastic pollution in our oceans is out of control.
When I go to the supermarket I see people getting a plastic supermarket bag for one or two items. It’s ridiculous. That plastic bag (as well as billions of others like it) are destined to go into landfill or end up as litter in the above mentioned places. Killing more species…..

It doesn’t have to be this way though.
Say NO to as many single use plastic bags, bottles, cling wraps etc as you can.
Remember to take your reusable bags to the supermarket with you.
Unfortunately so many food products are packaged in plastic bags which makes the quest more challenging but we can still what we can.
Buy a reusable coffee cup. Many cafés are open to filling your own cup with coffee. Sandwich wraps are a good substitute for cling wrap. Stainless steel drink bottles will save so many plastic bottles going into landfill. Produce bags save you from tearing off countless plastic bags to put your fruit and veg in.
EnviroBren has all of the above products and will be on the lookout for other reusable/eco friendly products in the future.

Best wishes.