Hand Sanitiser Spray – D’Fens 100ml


D’Fens Hand Sanitiser Spray is a high quality and very effective hand sanitiser.

This vegan and palm oil free hand sanitiser spray comes in a 100ml glass spray bottle which has a volume of 70% (99%) Isopropyl alcohol.

Also included are Eucalyptus and Tea Tree essential oils which have great antibacterial properties in addition to other health benefits that they provide.

It also includes Glycerin and Aloe Vera in the ingredients list. These ingredients are water based moisturisers which stop the skin from drying out after spraying on your hands.

Very importantly, please keep  the hand sanitiser spray out of reach of children as it can be very dangerous to young ones. The high alcohol content can be fatal if swallowed.

Keep in mind that D’Fens Hand Sanitiser Spray should never be used as a replacement for washing hands. Practising regular hand washing hygiene is essential in these times.

Hand sanitiser should be used when you can’t wash with soap and water. Additionally when you need added protection after washing your hands.

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