Cooling Neckband (EnviroBren HeatBeater)

Cooling Neckband (EnviroBren HeatBeater)


Quick description:

HeatBeater Cooling Neckbands keep you unbelievably cool and can be reused for years.
Made in Thornlie Western Australia.
EnviroBren HeatBeaters come in large and medium sizes. 
They’re made in different colours and prints. 
Palm oil free and Vegan friendly.


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Description :
HeatBeater Cooling Neckbands keep you unbelievably cool.
Simply soak the EnviroBren HeatBeater in tap water or cold fridge water and place around your neck.
EnviroBren HeatBeaters come in large and medium sizes therefore giving you a choice. 
Furthermore they’re made in different colours and prints . 
The polycrystals enclosed in the material are non-toxic, biodegradable and compostable. 
In addition, EnviroBren HeatBeaters are palm oil free and Vegan friendly.
Great for people who work outside, for example if you walk, hike or cycle.
If you’re a keen gardener or go camping in the great outdoors, wearing a HeatBeater is ideal.
Most importantly the EnviroBren HeatBeater is easy to use making it low maintenance.
Additional Information :

Black, Navy, Green, Grey, Pink, Purple, Red, Cream


Large, Medium


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