Carwari Organic Japanese Style Worcestershire Sauce 250ml

Carwari Organic Japanese Style Worcestershire Sauce 250ml


Quick description:

The flavour of Carwari organic Worcestershire sauce is like no other.

It’s an absolute explosion of flavour for your taste buds!!

Palm oil free, cruelty free, plant based deliciousness added to stir fry dishes and any other recipes that you can think of.


1 In Stock

1 in stock

Description :

Carwari organic Worcestershire sauce is made from a variety of organic vegetables and fruits.

The processing methods uses a type of Kombu seaweed adding an extra deep flavour.

A type of Kombu seaweed (Hokkaido Kelp) is used to make this product as opposed to yeast extract.

This adds an extra umani flavour.

Naturally fermented vinegars also contribute to making it taste milder & lighter

Additional Information :
Weight .565 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 24.5 cm


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