• H2Onya Stainless Steel Drink Bottles

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    H2Onya stainless steel drinking bottles are a safe, BPA-free, eco friendly and sustainable way of carrying your water and beverages on the go.

  • Onya Backpacks

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    Onya Backpacks are made from rPET material(Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate), which is what you get when you recycle old plastic water bottles into fibre.

    One of the many reasons I love these backpacks is that they’re made from up to 10 plastic bottles!

    Strong, durable, and lightweight, our backpack stuffs down into a keyring sized pouch when not in use.

  • Onya Dog Waste Disposal Bags.

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  • Onya Flip ‘N Flow Drink Bottle Lid

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    The ideal lid for everybody. Easy to operate, easy to drink, spout protected and clean when closed.

    Simply flip the lid to open and enjoy your free flowing drink!

    Flip ‘N Flow lid also includes a reusable straw.


  • Onya Reusable Bread Bags

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    Sick of  disposable, single use plastic bread bags, toggles & ties?

    Onya’s vintage styled reusable Bread Bags are designed to carry your bread home from the baker in style without any packaging waste!

    Or if you make your own bread you can store the loaves, rolls etc in your bread bag (whether on the kitchen bench, pantry or freezer).


  • Onya Reusable Bulk Food Bag Sets

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    Onya’s Reusable Bulk Food Bag Set includes the Carry Case and Tote Bag, along with a Small, Medium and Large Bulk Bag.
    he bags are also sold separately.
    The aqua and charcoal coloured vintage style reusable bulk food bag set has been designed to provide a convenient alternative for taking jars and containers to your local bulk food store.

  • Onya Reusable Bulk Food Bags

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    Onya’s Reusable Bulk Food Bags are an easy and convenient alternative to taking jars and containers to your local bulk food store.

    Onya’s Reusable Bulk Food Bags are also super handy to use when you would like to top up half filled containers at home.  This means you no longer need to stock up on extra jars and containers on top of your current ones to use as “top up” containers, as all our bulk food bags give you a light and compact way to top up as you need.

    Onya love diverting existing waste from landfill which is why their bulk food bags are made from BPA free, food safe recycled plastic drink bottles.

  • Onya Reusable Coffee Cups 12oz

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    Onya reusable coffee cups keep your coffee/tea hot while staying cool to the touch.

    Designed to be reused over & over again, Onya cups are light, tough and very durable.

    Made from 100% food safe silicone.

  • Onya Reusable Lunch Wraps

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    Onya Reusable Lunch Wraps are the perfect, eco aware way to wrap your lunch rolls and sandwiches.

    Made from recycled PET bottles, with a fully foodsafe PVA lining.

    Great for picnics, work, school and play.

    Available in the following colours. Apple, Purple, Pink, Indigo and Chilli.

  • Onya Reusable Produce Bags

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    Onya Produce Bags are convenient and eco aware.

    Use them anytime to carry your fruit, vegies or whole foods.

    Onya Produce Bags let water/air flow through, so you can use them to wash your vegies before putting them in the fridge.

    The produce bags come with a coloured  pouch of your choice, making it easy to carry your produce bags to the supermarket /grocer/market/wholefood shop.

    Available in a 5 pack and 8 pack.

  • Onya Reusable Shopping Bags

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    • Convenient carabiner clip means it is literally always ‘On ya’
    • Built-in shoulder strap makes this a very versatile bag
    • Built-in shopping caddy loops for easy packing
    • Just 50g total weight
    • Useful front pocket
    • Holds several kilos
    • Made from up to 10 plastic bottles
  • Onya Reusable Shopping Tote Bag

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    Coming in both aqua and charcoal colours, you can carry your bulk food bags and containers easily and in style with Onya’s reusable shopping tote bags.

    Onya’s reusable shopping tote bag has been specially designed to provide a convenient alternative for carrying Onya reusable bulk food bags, jars and containers to and from your local bulk food store.

    As they’re made from recycled plastic drink bottles, buying Onya reusable shopping tote bags is a great way of lessening your environmental imprint.