All products are made from a natural starch-based polymer derived from corn. They are completely plastic free!
We choose corn, as it’s an annually renewable resource, unlike trees which can take years to mature. Our corn is sourced from international GMO-free regions with high levels of natural rainfall to minimise irrigation, and we deliberately select third grade corn. This corn is essentially spoilt corn, and so is unsuitable for human or animal consumption.
Blown film bags are then manufactured in a range of sizes and styles on purpose built equipment, which has been reengineered to minimise electricity consumption. Compost-A-Pak liners are then printed with soy-based, non-toxic printing inks.

  • Compost A Pak Compostable Bin Liners

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    Compost-A-Pak bin liners are for everyone who cares about our beautiful environment and the animals who share it with us.

    They help reduce our plastic imprint on the planet and are a form of nutrition for the soil when they break down.

    No animal, marine life or bird life will suffer a painful death from plastic ingestion when using these Compost A Pak products.

    Made from corn, these durable organic liners are a great sustainable alternative to plastic liners.

  • Compost-A-Pak Reusable Shopping Bags – 5 pack

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    Looking for a truly green ‘green bag’? 

    Compost-A-Pak® Shopping Bags are made of corn, and are Australian Certified Compostable.

    They are designed to be re-used, and so offer the same convenience as other reusable plastic bags with two major differences. They are not manufactured using finite and dangerous fossil fuels, and don’t remain in the environment for thousands of years.