Corrynne’s Eco Soap. Palm oil free, patchouli, orange & WA clays

Corrynne’s Eco Soap. Palm oil free, patchouli, orange & WA clays

Corrynne’s Eco Soap. Palm oil free, patchouli, orange & WA clays


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Orange, Patchouli & WA Clays


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Many people are concerned about the destruction of rainforests due to the production of palm oil.

This has prompted us to make a range of soaps that don’t contain palm oil.

Our ECO soaps are made from essential oils, coconut oil and olive oil.

They also contain clays, sodium hydroxide and water.

Contains orange (Australian) and patchouli (Malaysian) essential oils, 50% olive (Australian) oil, red French clay and Australian white clay.

This earthy soap is aromatically calming and warming.

With 50% olive oil it is suitable for the most sensitive skin.


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Weight .091 kg
Dimensions 7.5 x 2.5 x 7.5 cm
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