Alcyon Lua diffuser

Alcyon Lua diffuser

Alcyon Lua diffuser


Quick description:

Suitable for small to medium rooms, the Lua does not require any heat or open flames, ensuring the aromatherapeutic benefits of your essential oils and blends remain pure and intact.

With its simple and slender design, the Lua will fit easily into any decor and quickly become a favourite in your home.


3 In Stock

3 in stock

Description :

The Lua works very quickly – at the touch of a button, it will start producing infused microscopic mist within seconds.

Traditional oil burners rely on heating water to disperse essential oils.

The resulting heat can alter the delicate chemistry of pure essential oils or blends and minimise their aromatherapeutic benefits as well as change their fragrances.

As the Lua does not produce any heat to diffuse essential oils and does not have any dangerous open flames, it can be left on overnight so you can enjoy aromatherapeutic benefits while you sleep. It is also safe to use around children, the elderly and pets.

Additional Information :
Weight .490 kg
Dimensions 44.5 x 11 x 21.5 cm


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